Silent City

a comic noir mystery

by Local Playwright, Dan Wilson

Directed by Bahati Bonner 

 Join us for a FREE reading: Sunday October 18 @ 2pm

Carol Stone is a private eye, a hard boiled detective living in the shadows of society, bringing light into dark places and living by her own moral code. … Or at least she’d like to think that. Silent City is the story of a woman trying to reinvent herself in the midst of a life that has been less than accommodating. In Carol’s case, it involves becoming a private investigator and suddenly having the opportunity to solve a case worthy of all the crime novels she grew up on. She faces a challenge that no one around her seems to think she can do given her lack of training, her lack of experience, and her lack of hearing.


 When: Sunday, October 18 @ 2 pm
 Where: The Phoenix Theater, 414 Mason Street, 6th Floor, San Francisco, CA 94102


Tax-deductible donations to support the full production (in 2017) happily accepted.


Triple Shot Productions is the resident theater company of Lyric Productions Inc., a 501(c)3 based in San Francisco, CA.