About Triple Shot


Triple Shot ProductionsTriple Shots’ mission is to produce ambitious, soulful, and skillful theater of political and social relevance. Our mission was chosen with great thought and sincerely represents our philosophy of theater, which is a reflection of our philosophy of living in this short lifetime.

Our Core Tenants: Great acting and great theater is not an achievement or an endpoint, but a constant journey of soulful work, which we ambitiously and skillfully undertake.

Ambitious: We believe that anything worth doing is worth doing ambitiously. With every production, we will challenge ourselves to choose plays that undertake bold conversations. As a company and as individual artists, we will challenge ourselves to tell these stories with more energy, talent, and skill than we believe we possess.

Soulful: We believe theater—whether in the form of a comedic or dramatic play-- should touch our audience and communicate in an intimate and very real way the soul—the heart and passions—of our chosen playwrights, our directors, our actors, our designers, and our volunteers.

Skillful: Theater is an artistic expression based upon talent and passion and with a goal to entertain, but we also believe that theater is an art form based upon skill and dedicated effort. While we ambitiously tackle the bold stories we choose to tell onstage, we simultaneously insist on maintaining a skillful rendering.

Our Vision: Triple Shot’s vision is to produce contemporary, classic, and new plays that engage our audience in the important political and social discussions of our time. Through drama, comedy, and everything in-between, we seek to use the stage as a vehicle for enlightenment through excellent entertainment.