Past Productions

Artistic Director, Andi C. Trindle, has been producing and performing in San Francisco theater for more than 13 years, but Triple Shot Productions’ history began in June of 2007 with a mission and a vision, followed by extensive planning for its inaugural production in 2008.

Riches by Less Blessing

Ms. Trindle chose Riches, by the award-winning playwright Lee Blessing, as Triple Shot Productions first production. Riches reunited collaborators from Nora (A Dollhouse) (2004), to portray an "everything is right" marriage in which everything goes horribly wrong. Riches starred Ms. Trindle and Mr. Wilson, each critically acclaimed in their most recent projects, as the troubled couple Mr. and Mrs. Rich. Bahati Bonner led the production as director for this successful project.

The One-Eyed Man is King

For our second production, Triple Shot produced The One-Eyed Man is King, a charming and witty modern fable that challenges our view of a “normal” life — and “normal” love. Lise, trying to cope with the impending loss of a terminally ill husband — and the recriminations of an angry stepdaughter — is confronted in her home one night by the charismatic thief Bendalli, a blind man who struggles to "see" his way into the lives of others. The pair form an unlikely bond, and when lines of sight and vision begin to blur, both find their approach to the world dramatically altered.

The production featured actors, Andi Trindle (Lise) and Dan Wilson (Bendalli), starring opposite one another  along with newcomer Allie Jones, who brought high energy to the character Elliot. Riches Director, Bahati Bonner, returned to lead this experienced cast.

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